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I-26 Widening MM 85 – 101 Project

The project includes widening I-26 from 4 to 6 lanes for approximately 12 miles and from 4 to 8 lanes for approximately 4 miles. Interchange improvements are anticipated at Exit 97 (US 176), Exit 91 (S-48 Columbia Ave.), and Exit 85 (SC 202). Overpass bridge replacements are anticipated at S-58 (Koon Road), S-80 (Shady Grove Road), S-234 (Mt. Vernon Church Road), S-405 (Old Hilton Road), S-49 (Peak Street), S-39 (Peak Road), and S-167 (Parr Road). The project website is at

Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals (Industry Review) (6/7/18)

Notice to Potential Proposers

Early Coordination Meeting Slides (Posted 02/16/18)
Early Coordination Meeting SCBO Notice (Posted 02/13/18)

Attachment B - Supplemental Project Design Criteria


  1. Environmental Assessment (6/7/18)
  2. JD Approval S-48 (7/9/18)
  3. JD Cadd Drawings S-48 (7/9/18)

Hazardous Materials

  1. Asbestos & Lead-Based Paint Reports (6/7/18)


  1. Toe Ditch Detail (6/7/18)
  2. SWPPP Checklist (6/7/18)
  3. Evaluation of Pipe Summary (6/7/18)


  1. Pavement Traffic Data (6/7/18)

Project Information Package


  1. Environmental Assessment (3/29/18)
  2. EA Appendices Part 1 (3/29/18)
  3. EA Appendices Part 2 (3/29/18)
  4. EA Appendices Part 3 (3/29/18)
  5. Noise Wall Data (7/9/18)


  1. SI&A-Mainline (3/29/18)
  2. SI&A-Overpasses (3/29/18)
  3. I-26 Bridge Study Report (7/9/18)


  1. Preliminary Utility Report (7/9/18)
  2. Utility Appendix (7/9/18)

Statement of Qualifications Evaluation Team Meetings

An I- 26 Widening MM 85-101 SOQ Evaluation Committee Meeting will be held on May 29th, 2018 at 8:00 am at SCDOT Headquarters in Room G-14.
Evaluation Committee Meeting (05/24/18)

Notice to Parties Interested in Providing Design Build Services

Qualifications and/or proposals from any contracting entity must utilize the new ProjectWise electronic proposal submission system. The following information describes the process that teams should follow to access the SCDOT ProjectWise environment for proposal submissions and their respective project data using the new system. Please use this ProjectWise Account Setup & Requirements link to set up accounts.