Emergency Bridge Package 2018-1

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) proposes to replace the S-50 (Four Holes Road) Bridge over I-26 in Orangeburg County and S-45 Bridges over the Pee Dee River and Swamp in Dillon County. This design-build project bridge package consists of all work necessary to remove the existing bridges and to construct new bridges, including the associated roadway and drainage work necessary to tie the new approaches to the existing roadway.

Request for Qualifications

Short-listed Design-Build Teams (05/23/18)
Request for Qualifications (05/02/18)
RFQ Advertisement (05/02/18)
SOQ Submitters List (05/11/18)

Attachment B - Supplemental Project Design Criteria


  1. PCE S-17-45 (05/24/18)
  2. PCE S-38-50 (05/24/18)
  3. JD Approval Letter S-45 (05/24/18)
  4. PJD Request S-45 (05/24/18)

Hazardous Materials

  1. S-17-45 Asbestos & Lead-Based Paint Report (05/24/18)


  1. Toe Ditch Detail (05/24/18)
  2. Plan review checklist (05/24/18)

Project Information Package


  1. S-38-50 Survey DGN (05/24/18)
  2. S-17-45 Concept Road Plans (05/02/18)
  3. S-17-45 DGN (05/02/18)
  4. S-45 Road Files (05/04/18)
  5. S-50 Road Files (05/04/18)
  6. Survey S-45 31751 (07/06/18)
  7. Survey S-45a 31751a (07/06/18)


  1. S-45 SI&A (05/02/18)
  2. S-50 SI&A (05/02/18)


  1. S-17-45 Traffic Data (05/02/18)
  2. S-38-50 Traffic Data (05/02/18)
  3. ITS Map (06/14/18)


  1. HEC-RAS (06/14/18)
  2. SCDHEC Permitting Time (05/24/18)
  3. S-45 ditch calcs (05/24/18)
  4. Hydro_Data_Sheet_S-45_Main (05/24/18)
  5. Hydro_Data_Sheet_S-45_Washout (05/24/18)
  6. S-17-45 Prelim Hydro (05/24/18)

FEMA Code and Standard Documentation

  1. Memorandum and Attachments (06/14/18)

Statement of Qualifications Evaluation Team Meeting

An Emergency Bridge Package 2018-1 SOQ Evaluation Committee Meeting will be held on May 21st, 2018 at 8:30 am at SCDOT Headquarters in Room G-14.
Evaluation Committee Meeting Agenda - SOQ (5/17/18)

Notice to Parties Interested in Providing Design Build Services

Qualifications and/or proposals from any contracting entity must utilize the new ProjectWise electronic proposal submission system. The following information describes the process that teams should follow to access the SCDOT ProjectWise environment for proposal submissions and their respective project data using the new system. Please use this ProjectWise Account Setup & Requirements link to set up accounts.