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Minority & Small Business Affairs Staff

Enhancing equal opportunities through …
Small Business Development, Contracting, Monitoring and Workforce Development

Division Director's Office

Greg Davis

Division Director, Minority & Small Business Affairs

Office: (803) 737-1717

Mary Wyeth

Executive Assistant

Office: (803) 737-1717

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Office of Civil Rights Programs

Barbara Beagles

Director of Civil Rights Programs

Office: (803) 737-6361

Tamyra Berry

External EO & OJT Coordinator

Office: (803) 737-1126


EEO Program Coordinator


OJT Program Coordinator

Angela Gordon

Title VI Coordinator

Office: (803) 737-5095

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DBE Certification

Delicia Wingard

Certification Program Manager

Office: (803) 737-4449

Rodrick W. Stevenson

Certification Analyst

Office: (803) 737-3482

Maria Hugee

Certification Analyst

Office: (803) 737-1278

Natalie Blackburn

Administrative Coordinator

Office: (803) 737-1372

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Business Development Center

Sergio Aparicio

Director of Supportive Services & Business Development

Office: (803) 737-1892

Juanita Campbell

Training Coordinator

Office: (803) 737-1371

DBE Quarterly Reporting & Project Closeouts

Carolyn Burton

Program Development Manager

Office: (803) 737-0740

Ashley Porter

Program Coordinator – Quarterly Reports for Professional Services Contracts & Project Closeouts

Office: (803) 737-4774

Alyssia D. Page-Glenn

Program Coordinator – Quarterly Reports – Federal & State Projects

Office: (803) 737-1736

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DBE Mega Projects, Compliance & Technical Assistance

Gary Linn


Office: (803) 737-6427

James Cooper

Chief Technical Advisor & Compliance Manager

Office: (803) 737-6429

Natasha Livingston

Technical Advisor

Office: (803) 737-5803

Ashton Williams

Technical Advisor

Office: (803) 737-0468

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