Reduced Conflict Intersection (RCI)
Safety & Benefits

Improving Safety And Operations

The Reduced Conflict Intersection (RCI) design reduces the total number and overall severity of vehicle-to-vehicle conflict points. Comparing a conventional four-leg intersection to an equivalent RCI design, and accounting for the U-turn locations on both sides of the main intersection, the total number of conflict points is reduced from 32 to 18 - a nearly 50 percent reduction.

RCI’s are safer due to reduced conflict points. In national studies, RCI’s have reduced fatal CRASHES BY 70% and injury crashes have declined by 42% after instillation.

South Carolina has seen similar improvements. Based upon an evaluation of 6 Reduced Conflict Intersections, right angle crashes have been reduced by 96%. Fatal crashes were reduced 100% and all injury crashes have been reduced 73%.

  • Right Angle Crash Reduction: 96%
  • Injury Crash Reduction: 73%
  • Fatal Crash Reduction: 100%