Emergency Bridge Package 2016-1A

The Project consists of all work necessary to remove three existing bridges and an existing culvert, including S-21-461 over Tributary to Lynches River, S-21-13 over Long Branch, S-26-19 over Bug Branch, and SC 41 over Maidendown Swamp, and all work necessary to construct new bridges, including the associated roadway and drainage work necessary to tie the new approaches to the existing roadways. As the result of flooding, the existing structures were damaged beyond repair.

Attachment B - Supplemental Project Design Criteria


  1. Updated SC 41 CE-B (updated 12/12/16)
  2. S-17-45 PCE Form (removed 12/12/16)
  3. S-21-13 PCE Form (12/08/16)
  4. S-21-461 PCE Form (12/08/16)
  5. S-26-19 PCE Form (12/08/16)


  1. Drawing 805-710 SP (12/02/16)


  1. SC41 Detour (removed 12/02/16)

Attachment C - Project Information Package

Hazardous Materials

  1. SC 41 No UST Letter (12/02/16)


  1. SC 41 Preliminary HEC RAS (12/12/16)


  1. Old Plans (12/02/16)
  2. Survey Files (12/02/16)


  1. Existing Structure Plans (12/02/16)
  2. Updated SI&A Reports (12/12/16)
  3. Bridge DGN Files (12/06/16)


  1. Updated SC 41 Detour (12/12/16)
  2. S-13 Detour (12/12/16)
  3. S-19 Detour (12/12/16)
  4. S-461 Detour (12/12/16)


  1. S-13 SC811 utilities (12/02/16)
  2. S-45 SC811 utilities (removed 12/02/16)
  3. S-461 SC811 utilities (12/02/16)
  4. SC 41 Early UC Report (12/02/16)
  5. SC19 SC811 utilities (12/02/16)

Evaluation Committee Meetings

An Evaluation Committee meeting will be held on December 15, 2016 at 9:00 AM in Conference Room 421 at SCDOT Headquarters.
Evaluation Committee Meeting Agenda

Notice to Parties Interested in Providing Design Build Services

Qualifications and/or proposals from any contracting entity must utilize the new ProjectWise electronic proposal submission system. The following information describes the process that teams should follow to access the SCDOT ProjectWise environment for proposal submissions and their respective project data using the new system. Please use this ProjectWise Account Setup & Requirements link to set up accounts.