Design Quality

The following information is provided as an aid to enhance the quality of design deliverables. This information is intended to enhance the on-going quality control and quality assurance practices that are utilized by the designer.

The QC Checklists are available for each discipline for use by the Designers and should be included with all submittals.

The QA Checklists are provided for each discipline as a reference and will be utilized by the Preconstruction Support Quality Assurance team during the Quality Assurance review process.

Information found on this page will be routinely updated as new policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards are adopted by the Department. Designers are encouraged to provide feedback to the Preconstruction Support design discipline leads to request additional items for inclusion within the checklists.

SCDOT Standard Drawings

Quality Control Documents

Geotechnical QC Checklist
Geotech_QC_Checklist    (01/28/21)

Hydraulic QC Checklist
Hydro_QC_Checklist_Bridge_Culverts     (10/30/2020)
Hydro_QC_Checklist_Roadway    (10/30/2020)

Roadway QC Checklist
ROAD_QC Checklist    (10/30/2020)

Structural QC Checklist
Structural QC Checklist 95% Plans     (10/30/2020)
Structural QC Checklist Preliminary Plans     (01/29/2021)

SCDOT Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Documents

Geotechnical QA Checklist
Geotech_QA_Checklist    (01/28/21)

Hydraulic QA Checklist
Hydro_QA_Checklist_Bridge_Culverts    (09/15/2021)
Hydro_QA_Checklist_Roadway    (09/15/2021)

Roadway QA Checklist
ROAD_QA Checklist    (01/29/2021)

Structural QA Checklist
Structural_QA_Checklist_95% Plans     (01/29/2021)

Aerial shot of an interstate exit

Design Documents

Design References   (06/04/2021)
Bluebeam QA Guide   (01/29/2021)
Bluebeam Tools (.zip)   (10/06/2021)