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Specialty Programs

winding road along a fall colored trees

C Program

The program is partnership between SCDOT and the counties to fund local transportation projects, and improvements to state and county roads and city streets.

C Program
SCDOT's Roadside Memorial sign that says Drive Safetly

Roadside Memorials

Immediate family members may apply for a new standard roadside memorial sign to honor loved ones who were lost in traffic crashes on the state's highways.

Roadside Memorials
Safe Routes to School logo

Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

SRTS enables and encourages children, including those with disabilities, to safely walk and bicycle to and from school.

Safe Routes to School
SC Keep It Beautiful license tag

SC Beauty Tag

The "Keep It Beautiful" license plate was created by the SCDOT in 1991 to raise funds for highway beautification.

SC Beauty Tag
winding road through overhanging trees

Scenic Byways

We have 21 scenic byways, comprising more than 450 miles, throughout the state of South Carolina.

Scenic Byways
people walking along a sidewalk

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

TAP projects are federally-funded community-based projects. Eligible projects are Pedestrian Facilities, Bicycle Facilities and Streetscaping projects.

Transportation Alternatives Program
logo sign along interstate

SCDOT Logo Program

Specific service (Logo) signs provide travelers with business identification and directional information for essential motorist services.

SCDOT Logo Program
mother and daughter biking along side of road

Bicycle & Pedestrian Program

We are committed to meeting the on-going challenge of providing better and safer accommodations for people who choose to walk or cycle.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Program