Bicycle & Pedestrian Program

On the Road in South Carolina

SCDOT is committed to meeting the on-going challenge of providing better and safer accommodations for people who choose to walk or cycle. This effort is coordinated by the agency's Pedestrian and Bicycle Program.

Every day, many people choose biking or walking, instead of using motor vehicles. Why? For some, their destination is close. Some choose biking or walking for healthy exercise. Some are committed to reducing air pollution and saving natural resources. Some are either too young or too old to drive, or they don't have access to a motor vehicle. Increasingly, these modes are being viewed as one response to sky-rocketing fuel costs.

Whatever the reason for their choices, walkers and cyclists deserve to have the safest and most inviting facilities possible. Non-motorized transportation infrastructure should be interconnected, accessible to persons with disabilities, and integrated into the rest of the state's transportation network.

Safety is SCDOT's number one priority, in both motorized and non-motorized transportation. Too many bicyclists and pedestrians are being killed or injured in our state, and SCDOT is committed to doing everything possible to improve those statistics. In 2022, SCDOT published the state's first Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Action Plan (PBSAP) The PBSAP is a result of extensive data analysis and review of best practices to develop a plan to reverse the increasing number of pedestrian and bicyclists deaths and serious injuries in the state.