Engineering Opportunities

This page includes the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) postings related to procurement activities for various Projects, Professional Services, and Public Meetings.
Documents and notices may be located by clicking on the appropriate link below.
For more information about a specific opportunity, please contact the designated SCDOT Procurement Officer directly.

Current Projects

Date/Time Project # Procurement Name
02/22/2024-12:00pm U12-C001-PG Contractors Statement of Qualifications and Questionaire
02/22/2024-12:00pm U12-C001-PG U12-C001-PG SOW for Task Order Demo Contract
08/03/2021-01:45pm U12-N128-PG Structural Drawing and Details - Bridges
08/23/2022 U12-N137-PG Scope of Work
09/09/2022 U12-N139-PG Statewide Overhead Sign Structure Inspection and Inventory
09/22/2022 U12-N139-PG South Carolina Department of Transportation Inspection and Inventory Manual
10/05/2022-02:05pm U12-N139-PG Notification of Selection of Interview
10/07/2022-10:28am U12-N138-PG Multimodal Transportation Plan
11/22/2022 U12-N141-PG Scope of Work
03/01/2024 U12-N144-PG Scope of Work
05/03/2024 U12-N145-PG Scope of Work
05/22/2024 U12-N144-PG Notice of Intent to Award