Encroachment Permits

SCDOT uses an automated Encroachment Permit Processing System to accept, process, and manage permit requests and to issue Encroachment Permits.

What Is An Encroachment Permit?

The Application for Encroachment Permit is a request to SCDOT for permission to perform work on SCDOT maintained rights-of-way. An approved permit grants the Applicant permission to encroach on the roadway within the guidelines established on the permit.

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How is an encroachment permit obtained?

The South Carolina Department of Transportation provides customers 2 ways to electronically submit an application.

Do I Need an Account?

Low Volume or One Time Only Customers

The low volume or one time only form is for those who submit 2 or less applications in one calendar year. An example would be a “single-residential driveway” encroachment type. Click the “One-Time Only” form button.

One Time Submittal Tutorial
One-Time Only

High Volume Customers

For high volume customers, those that need 2 or more applications in a calendar year or need a specific encroachment type listed below, you must request an account.

Advantages of having an account:

  1. Allows you to manage and track the status of all applications you have submitted to the DOT.
  2. Allows you to view and upload documents to your existing applications at any time. (ie signed application form, or additional plans at the request of the reviewer).
  3. All your applications are easily accessible in one central location.

To apply for one of the following “encroachment types,” you must have an account:

  1. Driveway – Commercial
  2. Driveway – Multiple Residential/Subdivision
  3. Municipality/Locally Funded Project
  4. Road Connection (non-Driveway)
  5. Schools
  6. Blanket Permits
  7. Other

There is a two-step process to request an account. First, you must “Request an Account” and once you receive an email, with login and password information, then you click the “Login” button to access your account.

Request an Account

Existing Customers


For technical issues with EPPS, customer accounts, or logging in, please contact the Call Center.

For questions regarding status of permit application, please contact your local SCDOT Office.

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