Environmental Services - Public Involvement

Balancing the SCDOT's vision of providing safe and reliable transportation systems with environmental impacts and public interest is no easy feat. Public participation in the transportation decision making process helps ensure that decisions are made in consideration of and for the benefit of public needs and preferences. Public involvement in the environmental review process for federal projects is mandated by the NEPA and SAFETEA-LU.

Public Information Meetings and Public Hearings are one of the most effective means that SCDOT uses to obtain feedback from the public. Public involvement, which begins during the NEPA process, is conducted in compliance with the SCDOT Public Involvement Policy. For more information on recent and upcoming public meetings and hearings visit the Public Hearings webpage.

Public Information Meetings (PIMs) are commonly conducted during the development of alternatives for the purpose of informing and soliciting feedback from communities having an interest in a proposed transportation project.

  • An informal public gathering hosted by the SCDOT within the affected community.
  • Displays of proposed improvements are on site.
  • Engages the public in informal question and answer sessions and informal written comments.

Public Hearings (PHs) are required for projects involving an EA or EIS.

  • Has both formal and informal components.
  • Format of informal component is similar to a PIM.
  • Formal component involves a presentation about the proposed project followed by an opportunity for interested individuals to verbally comment on record. Public comments are recorded by a court reporter and become part of the public record.
  • Engages the public in formal written comments. Written comments become part of the public record.