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Prime Contractor Prequalification

Prequalified Contractors (XLSX 51 Kb) Updated Monthly

New Schedule for Expiration Date & Application Forms

New Schedule for Expiration Dates & Application Forms (PDF 80.8 Kb)

Prime Contractors: Beginning in January of 2014, there will be a new schedule for the annual prequalification Expiration Dates. There will also be two new Prequalification Application Forms for Prime Contractors, the Long Form and the Short Form, which will be required in alternating years depending on the first letter of your company name. The link above is for the New Schedule that will provide the new annual Expiration Date and will indicate which form, the Long Form or the Short Form, will be required.

First-Time Prime Contractor applicants & Prime Contractors with an expired status must use the Long Form. Thereafter, their Expiration Date and required form will be as indicated in the New Schedule.

Joint Ventures: The Expiration Dates in the New Schedule will also apply to Joint Ventures.

Prime Contractor Prequalification Applications

Prequalification is not necessary to do subcontract work.

Prequalification Application - Long Form (PDF 1.65 Mb) May 21, 2018
Prequalification Application - Short Form (PDF 1.00 Mb) May 21, 2018
Joint Venture Prequalification Application (PDF 913 Kb) July 1, 2014

The application may be filled-out on-line or downloaded and filled-out, but then it must be printed and the Affidavit sheet signed and notarized. If required, add attachments and mail to:

Director of Construction, Room 334
955 Park Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Policies & Procedures for Prequalification

Policies & Procedures for Prime Contractor Prequalification (PDF 343 Kb) November 14, 2018
Policies & Procedures for Prequalification of Joint Ventures (PDF 342 Kb) July 1, 2014

S.C. Code of Laws, Section 57-5-1650, allows the Department to establish requirements for prequalification of contractors bidding on SCDOT maintenance and construction contracts including joint venture contractors.

Policies & Procedures for Contractor Performance Evaluation (CPE)

CPE Policies & Procedures (PDF 374 Kb) November 1, 2013

The S.C. Code of Regulation R63-307 allows the Department to establish a system to evaluate the performance of Contractors on SCDOT construction projects. The link provided above is to a document that explains the policies and procedures of the system the Department has established for that purpose.

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