Become an Engineering Consultant

Follow these steps in order to submit a proposal for a Professional Services solicitation.

Step 1 – Register as a vendor with State Procurement Services

Vendors and contractors must be registered before they can do business with SCDOT. Full details on how to register are on the SFAA Procurement Site . In addition, telephone support for vendor registration is available at (803) 737-0600.

image of road being paved
image of bridge construction

Step 2 – Business Entities

The Secretary of State’s Office administers corporate filings for corporations, nonprofit corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships.

Step 3 – Get a ProjectWise account from SCDOT

SCDOT uses ProjectWise to collaborate with our partners. Learn about ProjectWise and request an account on our ProjectWise page. Telephone and email support are provided.

image of road crew
image of bridge pilings under construction

Step 4 – Review South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO) and SCDOT’s Professional Services Web Site to view advertisements

South Carolina Business Opportunities is a live database for goods, services, information technology and construction needs of state and local government. SCDOT also maintains its own database of needs on our Professional Services Page. Telephone and email support are available from both organizations.

Step 5 – Professional Services Contracting Office

The Professional Services Contracting Office was established to provide guidance in acquisition of architectural and engineering (A&E) and other professional services in support of the construction, maintenance, and repair of bridges, highways and roads. Its serves as the cradle to grave point of contact for all professional services contracting actions to include: solicitations, selection, negotiation, execution, invoicing, performance evaluation, and records management. In addition to the information provided here, the South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO) publication is available at the MMO web site.

Professional Services Contracting Office
image of road being leveled
image of bridge construction

Step 6 – Proposal Submission Information

All information for how to submit a proposal will be found in the Request for Proposal that is found in SCBO or on the Professional Services webpage. While having an approved indirect cost (Overhead) Rate is not required to submit a proposal, awarded consultant will need to obtain an approved rate before contract execution. Information on SCDOT’s policy for indirect costs can be found here:

Choose the ease and benefits of Direct Deposit

SCDOT Vendors: Choose to sign up for vendor direct deposit with the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office. This option is available and allows vendors to receive their payments sooner than waiting for a hardcopy check to be printed and delivered through the mail.