Agritourism & TODS Program


In accordance with Title 57, Chapter 25, Article 8 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, the South Carolina Department of Transportation has been tasked with creating, supervising and operating an Agritourism and Tourist-Oriented Directional Signing Program to benefit qualifying business and motorists in our state.

Businesses must apply for participation in the program. As part of the application process, business must be pre-approved by the Department of Agriculture or the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism as having met basic minimum criteria for program participation. As an initial step, businesses should visit the websites for the SC Department of Agriculture or the SC Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism to learn more about the pre-approval process. Links to these websites are provided below. The websites also have a Frequently Asked Questions section that answers basic questions about the program, and outlines the full program participation process.

Once a business receives pre-approval, an application to participate in the program must be submitted to SCDOT. Application forms are available below.

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