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The Department of Transportation is governed by the South Carolina Transportation Commission, which is comprised of eight members, seven of whom are elected by the legislative delegations of each of the state's Transportation Districts.

These Transportation Districts coincide with the state's Congressional Districts. One at-large member is appointed by the Governor. Each Commissioner must be qualified and screened prior to election or appointment. The commission elects a Chairman in June of each year to serve during the state fiscal year of July - June.


The Commission adopts its own rules and procedures, and serves as a general policy-making body for the various functions and purposes of the S.C. Department of Transportation as prescribed by law.


The Secretary of Transportation is appointed by the Governor as the chief administrative officer of the Department, who carries out the policies of the Commission, and represents the Department in dealings with other state agencies, local governments, special districts, other states and the federal government.


SCDOT Leadership:

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