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SCDOT is committed to providing the citizens of South Carolina a first class transportation system. In order to meet this challenge, we need talented, innovative people who will work hard to help us meet this goal.

Current Opportunities with SCDOT
*Note: Not all positions available at SCDOT are posted via the internet. Please refer to our district contact list to contact the appropriate Human Resources Coordinator for additional opportunities across the state.

We expect a great deal from our employees, but we also understand the importance of balancing work and home life. Our employees are the future of the SC Department of Transportation and we want to create a work environment that fulfills professional and personal aspirations. SCDOT employees are offered a State benefits package and also the following SCDOT specific programs:

Professional Growth: The SCDOT advantage is career advancement and the ability to enhance and expand your career options by accepting job opportunities, which span a range of technical and managerial areas.

Training Programs: There is a wide variety of training opportunities available to employees to help improve performance or gain new skills needed by SCDOT.

Employee Recognition Programs: The SCDOT has a variety of incentive and performance awards, both monetary and honorary awards, to recognize employees for their outstanding work and contributions.

Employee Wellness Program: SCDOT offers a comprehensive wellness program that provides opportunities for employees to create and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The program includes annual employee health screens, immunizations, and health awareness newsletters.

Flexible Work Schedule: When possible, SCDOT allows flexibility in arranging work hours to give you more time with your family and to pursue your interests and hobbies outside of the office.