South Carolina Statewide Rail Plan

The SC Statewide Rail Plan represents a long-term vision of statewide policy to improve freight and passenger rail.
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The 2024 update will involve input and guidance from a variety of stakeholders, to include passenger and freight rail operators, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Council of Governments (COGs), neighboring state DOTs, and the general public. The Plan will assess the existing statewide rail system in South Carolina and identify opportunities to enhance rail safety and expand rail service. The Plan will also identify anticipated trends, needs, and issues that will impact rail over the next 20 years.

Existing South Carolina Rail System

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Outreach is a key component of the State Rail Plan Update. We want to hear from rail carriers, transit providers, other freight and passenger rail stakeholders, as well as the general public related to statewide rail needs and issues.

Rail Plan Advisory Committee

The Rail Plan Advisory Committee (RAC) is used an advisory panel for this project. Participants include SCDOT, State and Federal Partners, Regional and Local Partners, Railroads, and other Stakeholders. The purpose of the group is to review and vet findings and provide input on how the State Rail Plan Update fits into the broader vision for South Carolina.

April 24, 2024 Meeting Materials

Video Recording of Meeting

June 4, 2024 Meeting Materials

Video Recording of Meeting

October 2024 (tentative)

Meeting materials posted after the meeting.

Public Engagement

Public engagement is integral to the Statewide Rail Plan development to ensure the plan reflects the needs and priorities of all South Carolina residents and users of our rail system. The project team will conduct an online public meeting for members of the general public who have an interest in rail. Additionally, there will be opportunities for the public to offer comments on the Statewide Rail Plan Update.

Rail Projects Online Feedback Tool

Purpose: Inform existing conditions for freight and passenger rail and provide recommendations.

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June 26, 2024 Virtual Public Meeting

Video Recording of Meeting



Step One

Develop Public Involvement Plan

Details the outreach approach and activities.

February 2024


Step Two

Form Rail Plan Advisory Committee (RAC)

Conduct 3 meetings throughout the study.

April 2024 - October 2024


Step Three

Conduct one-on-one Interviews with Rail Stakeholders

Interview shippers, carriers, industry representatives, chambers of commerce, port authority, economic development agencies, and other stakeholders.

May 2024 - July 2024


Step Four

Engage the Public through SCDOT Website + Online Public Meeting

Publish SCDOT Statewide Rail Plan webpage and conduct an online workshop with passenger rail stakeholders + the general public.

Summer 2024