Keep South Carolina Beautiful License Tag

SC Beuty License Plate

Keep it Beautiful South Carolina

The "Keep It Beautiful" license plate was created by the South Carolina Department of Transportation in 1991 to raise funds for highway beautification in South Carolina. The initial emphasis was on the State Wildflower Program, but the program has now been expanded to include all types of enhancements.

The Keep It Beautiful License Plate Program allows everyone to take part in the state's highway beautification efforts. Since the beginning of the program, more than 12,000 tags have been purchased by highway beautification advocates across South Carolina. Please refer to the MV-95 Form for fee information. This tag has been one of the state's most popular specialty plates.

Proceeds from tag sales are placed in the Keep It Beautiful Account to be used exclusively for highway beautification. Eligible projects include wildflower planting, gateway projects, landscaping and bike or pedestrian paths.

Tags may be purchased by simply filling out the MV-95 Form (Application for Special License Plate) and mailing it to your local DMV office. SCDOT is a separate agency from DMV and therefore does not sell the license tags directly.

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