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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) authorizes approximately $1.2T in funding surface transportation, rail, transit, water/sewer, and broadband, including $550B in new funding. It reauthorizes surface transportation authority until 2026, which is important for SCDOT’s large multi-year projects like Carolina Crossroads (i.e., “Malfunction Junction”). IIJA also creates new programs for carbon reduction, resiliency, bridges, and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

SCDOT-Sponsored Discretionary Grants

IIJA established numerous discretionary grant programs totaling approximately $100B for state and local governments. SCDOT intends to pursue grants that advance its priorities in the 10-Year Plan, including pavements, bridges, safety, and interstate capacity; we will not focus on grant opportunities that do not align with our priorities.

The Office of Local Government Services will oversee SCDOT’s IIJA grants process, from seeking grant opportunities, to application development, to submittal. SCDOT is prepared to manage all awarded grants for which we apply.

Local Governments and Other Political Subdivisions Seeking Grants

What should local entities be prepared to do if seeking grants?

  • Independently seek grant opportunities and prepare all grant applications in their entirety.
  • Enter into grant agreements with the relevant federal funding agency.
  • Manage all aspects of the project, including PE, ROW, and construction.
    • SCDOT may assume management if it’s in the state’s best interest.
    • SCDOT has established a qualified list of 10 On-Call consultants to provide local governments assistance with project management support for awarded grants. Usage of the list is NOT mandatory.
  • Assume all financial risk, including any overruns.
  • Enter into a maintenance agreement with any improvements above SCDOT’s maintenance standard.
  • Please note: SCDOT's Programmatic Categorial Exclusion (PCE) cannot be used for local projects.
    • SCDOT's PCE can only be used on projects that involve SCDOT.
    • Locals can work directly with FHWA to request a PCE.

What should local entities be prepared to do if seeking grants on the State Highway System?

If a local entity pursues a grant for a project on the State Highway System, it should provide notice to the Office of Local Government Services ( at least 30 days before the grant application is due. The minimum required information is listed below.

  • The entity applying.
  • The Chief Administrative Officer’s name and mailing address.
  • The grant or earmark for which the entity is applying.
  • The entity’s commitment to supplying the matching funds for the requested grant/earmark and cover overruns.
  • If the project is listed in the currently approved STIP or other planning document (i.e., Long Range Transportation Plan, TIP).
  • The project scope (high level overview; include project location and map, if available).
  • The status of the project (indicate what activities have been completed in the project development process - i.e., what % design is complete, or if the project is conceptual).
  • Indicate if any approvals have been received (i.e., SCDOT, NEPA).
  • Total project cost.
  • SCDOT will issue a letter to the entity regarding project impacts to the State Highway System, and its status in terms of planning stage, environmental review, and design.

Qualified On-Call Consultants

Selection Service/Contract Dollar Value Executed Expiration Firms - Selected
S-244-23 Local Government Project Management Services $8,000,000 2/3/2023 2/3/2026
  • Mead & Hunt, Inc.
  • Michael Baker International, Inc.
  • Davis & Floyd, Inc.
  • AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
  • Stantec Consultant Services, Inc.
  • Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
  • Parrish and Partners, LLC
  • Ramey Kemp & Associates, Inc.
  • HNTB Corporation
  • TranSystems Corporation

Please see attached presentation that was provided at the ACEC/SCDOT 25th Annual Meeting on December 14, 2022. The presentation provides information on SCDOT's Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) grants strategy and applications submitted to date.

Additionally, SCDOT's coordination with local entities submitting IIJA grant applications is also covered:

What is required, by when, and more!

IIJA Grants in SC Presentation