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Road Construction Project

Volvo Interchange Project

Volvo Interchange Project Map

To provide direct access to the South Carolina Volvo cars manufacturing facility, the SCDOT is constructing a new three-leg directional interchange along I-26 in Berkeley County, South Carolina. The interchange will provide access from I-26 to the new Volvo Car Drive which leads to Camp Hill Commerce Park and the Volvo facility. The new interchange will be located along I-26 at approximate mile marker 189, which is approximately two (2) miles east of SC 27/Ridgeville Road (exit 187) and approximately five (5) miles west of Jedburg Road (exit 194). The proposed interchange includes both at-grade and flyover ramps.

Project Milestones

  • Sept 2017 Complete Design & Permitting / Begin Roadway Construction
  • Oct 2017 Begin Bridge Construction
  • Jun 2018 Open I-26 WB Ramp 2 to Volvo Car Drive
  • Jun 2019 Substantial Project Completion

Traffic Alerts

Drivers traveling near the construction zones are asked to be aware of equipment and crews working in the areas and to comply with traffic control signs, reductions in speed limits, and message board information. Drivers are also asked to be aware of the new and changing traffic patterns during the project. Together we can eliminate work zone accidents during construction. Thank you!

Project Contacts

  • Project Office
  • 6355 Fain Boulevard, North Charleston, SC 29406
  • 843-688-6240
  • Daniel Burton, PE
  • SCDOT Resident Construction Engineer
  • 843-688-6240