Geotechnical Design

SCDOT has developed manuals and specifications to provide engineers with the Department's standard design policies and practices.

Geotechnical Design Manual, Version 2.0 (2019)

The Geotechnical Design Manual (GDM) provides uniform design practices for designers preparing geotechnical reports and contract plans for SCDOT projects.

This Manual should be used in conjunction with:

gINT Files (incorporates
Rock Coring Summary & Shelby Tube Log)
ERS and Ground Improvement Selection Matrix xlsx
ERS Selection Matrix Example
Reasons for Selecting Specific IRs Example
Pile Cost-PDAvsNo-PDA xlsx
Bridge Design Manual
Seismic Design Specifications for Highway Bridges

Any questions concerning the applicability of procedure, analysis, or method should be directed to the Preconstruction Support - Geotechnical Design Section (PCS/GDS).

Manual by Chapter Complete Manual
design quality control drawings

Design Quality

Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) checklists are available at Design Quality. The QC checklist is to be completed by the GEOR while the QA checklist is to be completed by the Geotechnical Design QA Engineer.


Geotechnical Design Bulletins are issued to supplement or revise the GDM.

Consultant Seismic Information Request Form

Submit requests for seismic hazard map information to the appropriate Regional Production Group - Geotechnical Design Section. Use the Consultant Seismic Information Request - GDF 002 Form (PDF 345 Kb). For questions, refer to the Geotechnical Design Manual or contact the appropriate Regional Production Group - Geotechnical Design Section.

To facilitate developing Vs profiles to the appropriate depth, the link below accesses a GIS map indicating the location of representative Vs profiles along with the additional information for each location.


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Guy holding a engineering drawing on a job site

Geotechnical Drawings & Details

Drawings are available in Microstation DGN and PDF formats.

Drawings & Details

Geotechnical Training & Presentations

Geotechnical Research Reports

Research Reports

Borrow Materials Database Spreadsheet (PDF)

Outside Geotechnical Resources

Additional reference materials may be purchased from American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and National Highway Institute (NHI)

Special Provisions

To see if a Special Provision has previously been prepared contact the RPG - Geotechnical Design Section. For guidance on preparing Special Provisions see GDM Chapter 23. In order to assist in the development of specific Special Provisions, SCDOT is providing below are "Draft" Special Provisions that require editing to meet the needs and requirements of specific projects. It is incumbent on the User to make the appropriate corrections for the specific project.

Special Provisions

Correction to SC-M-203-11 - 06302020

Draft Special Provisions

SECTION 107: Monitoring Of Constr. - Related Earthborne Vibrations

Supplemental Specifications/Supplemental Technical Specifications

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