Shannon Drive (S-384) Bridge Over Brushy Creek

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About the Project

The South Carolina Department of Transportation proposes to replace the Shannon Drive (S-384) bridge over Brushy Creek with a new bridge in the same location. SCDOT intends for the bridge to be closed and traffic to be detoured during construction. The existing bridge was constructed in 1965 and is currently load restricted. SCDOT will monitor the existing bridge from now until construction of the new bridge begins. The project is part of SCDOT's Strategic 10 year Plan to greatly reduce the number of closed and load restricted bridges in the State of South Carolina.

S-384 Shannon Drive Bridge over Brushy Creek

Purpose and Need

The purpose of this proposed project is to address structural and functional deficiencies in the existing bridge.


SCDOT intends for the bridge to be closed to traffic during construction. Once construction begins, the bridge will be closed for approximately 12 months. Due to a load-restricted bridge being located on Richbourg Road, the proposed detour utilizes East North Street, Howell Road, and Edwards Road. The total detour length will be about 2.4 miles.

Anticipated Schedule
Public Information Meeting: Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Public Comment Period: June 6, 2022 to July 6, 2022
Right of Way Acquisitions: Underway
Utility Coordination: Underway
Construction Begins: Construction will begin once right of way and utility phases are complete and construction funding becomes available. Construction funds are identified based on current SCDOT priorities.