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SC 133 (Crowe Creek Road) Bridge Replacement over Crow Creek Pickens County

We want to hear from you!

Please provide comments from November 8 through December 7, 2022

The purpose of this online meeting is to provide an opportunity for you to:

  • review the proposed project design
  • comment on the project

View the meeting materials here on the project webpage and review and/or comment on the proposed design. The official comment period is November 8, 2022 through December 7, 2022.

Documents available for download:

Anticipated environmental impacts for the proposed design include:
Impact Category Anticipated Impact
New Right-of-Way (acres) 3.5
Stream Impacts (linear feet) 350
Wetland/Open Water Impacts (acres) 1.0
Anticipated Relocations none
Floodplain Impacts (acres) minimal
Cultural Resources none

*These are estimated impacts based on preliminary design and are subject to change.

We want to hear from you!

You may provide your comments in multiple ways:

  1. Mail comments:
    • Download a comment card and mail comments to:
    • Casey Lucas
    • SCDOT
    • 955 Park Street
    • P.O. Box 191
    • Columbia, SC 29201-3959
  2. Provide comments online:
  3. Email your comments to the following email address:

Please submit your comments by December 7, 2022, for inclusion in the project record. All written comments received within the comment period will be evaluated, responded to, and included in the public record. All information provided will be published and is subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. (FOIA).

About the Project

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) proposes to replace the SC 133 (Crowe Creek Road) bridge over Crow Creek, located between Nine Times and Six Mile, approximately four miles southeast of Keowee Toxaway State Park, in Pickens County. This SC 133 bridge has been identified as structurally deficient and in need of replacement. The proposed replacement bridge would be on a new alignment, to the northeast of the existing bridge. This construction method would minimize impacts to the traveling public by not requiring a detour during construction. The project is part of SCDOT's Strategic 10-year Plan to greatly reduce the number of closed and load-restricted bridges in South Carolina.

Purpose and Need

The purpose of the proposed project is to eliminate the structural deficiencies of the existing SC 133 (Crowe Creek Road) bridge over Crow Creek.

Anticipated Schedule
Right-of-Way Acquisition Begins: Summer 2023
Construction Begins: Winter 2024
Construction Duration: 24 months