Casey Lucus - Project Manager

Casey Lucas
Project Manager

Welcome to the Woodruff Road Congestion Relief Project virtual public hearing!

The purpose of this hearing is to provide an opportunity for you to review and discuss the plans for the proposed project with project representatives and to gather input from you. This hearing also serves as notice to the public that the environmental assessment (EA) prepared for the project is available for review. The EA follows the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, requirements. According to NEPA requirements, SCDOT must consider impacts the project may have on the environment, including impacts to the human and natural environment. The EA provides opportunities for public involvement, identifies the project's purpose and need, develops alternatives that may meet the purpose and need, and analyzes the environmental impacts of the alternatives before ultimately identifying the Preferred Alternative.

The approved EA is available on the Environmental Assessment page for your reference and review and can also be viewed by contacting Casey Lucas or by visiting the Greenville County office at 301 University Ridge, Greenville, SC 29601; 864-467-7100.

[Please watch this video for more information on the virtual public hearing.]