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Parking Procedures

Visitor parking for SCDOT Headquarters is available at the USC Parking Garage on the corner of Park and College Street. Visitors must enter and exit through the Park Street gate to the parking garage. The Visitor will obtain a parking validation pass from the machine and may park at any space not marked as reserved. Visitor parking is available on level 5 and above. Do not park in spaces marked DOT as they are being paid for by employees assigned to the Headquarters Building.

When the visit is concluded in the DOT Headquarters, the parking pass can be validated by the guard or receptionist in the Headquarters Building. If the pass is not validated, payment will be required upon exiting the garage.

If the ticket dispenser is not working, proceed to the nearest non-reserved parking space.

Visitors using this Parking Garage must exit through the Park Street exit. If you have questions or concerns regarding visitor parking, contact the parking custodian at 737-1771 or 530-5258.

Security Procedures

Everyone conducting business at 955 Park Street must wear a security identification badge including visitors. A visitor is defined as any person not issued a security identification badge issued by the South Carolina Department of Transportation with exceptions as noted.

Exceptions to the issuance of visitor badges: Other badges may be recognized for entrance to SCDOT headquarters building. Badges issued by the Columbia Division of the Federal Highway Administration to its employees will be recognized and allowed unescorted access. Visitors holding security badges issued by the South Carolina House of Representatives and the South Carolina State Senate will be allowed unescorted access. When there is a notice of a public meeting an escort will not be required; however, individuals must obtain a visitors badge and sign in at the visitor control point.

All visitors to the headquarters building during normal business hours will enter through the main door on Park Street. They will sign in and be issued a badge. The building security staff will call the office being visited and that office will send a representative wearing an official SCDOT badge to escort the visitor to the office where they are conducting business. The visitor may only visit the office where he or she designates on the sign in sheet. After the conclusion of business, the visitor will be accompanied by a DOT headquarters employee to the main or ground entrance, whichever is applicable, to sign out and return the badge. The main entrance closes at 6PM daily.

Media: Other than announced public meetings, all media will be escorted.