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Public Involvement

Public involvement is a key component of the state's transportation planning processes. The proactive public involvement process is one that provides complete information, timely public notice, full public access to major transportation decisions, and supports early and continuing involvement of the public in developing transportation plans and projects.

SCDOT's Public Involvement unit manages the public involvement process for all projects approved by SCDOT's commission for future inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan.

Public Involvement strives to include a diversified public in SCDOT's planning processes by developing and implementing strategies to solicit public participation in each phase of the transportation planning process.

The unit actively pursues a broad representation of stakeholders to maximize the distribution of information and solicitation of public comments via the news media, public meetings, the internet, email and social media. The unit assists in the development of and dissemination of press releases and announcements to stakeholders and interested citizens requesting public input on various projects.

Stakeholders are encouraged to forward requests for Public Comment to their constituents, local Businesses, Community Leaders, Policy Committee members, Transportation Study groups, Technical Committee members, local governments, local Chambers of Commerce, staff, and other interested groups to ensure greater public awareness of, and involvement in, transportation planning decision-making.

The unit also coordinates with the state's 10 regional Councils of Governments (COGs) offices and SCDOT's seven Engineering District Offices to make planning information available at their offices for public review and comment. Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) have their own public involvement plan that specifies the method and process to receive public comment.

The unit maintains and updates the Public Participation Plan for the Statewide Planning unit and coordinates federal mandated customer services surveys for both internal and external planning processes and initiatives.

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