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Columbia Corridor Management Plan

The Columbia Corridor Management Plan consist of corridor analysis of the of the interstate and freeway network around the Columbia Metropolitan Area as shown on the Study Area Map. Several of these corridors are the most congested in the state and traffic volumes are projected to double by 2040.

All interchanges along each route will be included in the analysis, except the interchange of I-20/I-26 and I-126. This interchange is being analysis under a standalone project know as Carolina Crossroads.

South Carolina Highway

The study team's task is to assess the existing baseline conditions and develop a coordinated, systematic, and planned approach to meet the current and future mobility needs along these corridors. While the typical transportation study evaluates just the infrastructure components, this study will also include strategies to lessen the travel demand or to shift the demand from the peak periods. The strategies to be assessed for the study will include:

  • Travel Demand Management
  • Modal Options
  • Travel Operational Improvements
  • Capacity Improvements

The study team's will engage steering and stakeholder committees along with public at public information meetings to develop feasible options to be evaluated utilizing traffic modeling software. This analysis will yield a matrix of strategies in a Corridor Management Plan for the near-term to long-term identified by the cost associated with implementation.

Project Progress

Study Area Map
Project Fact Sheet
August 2, 2016 Project Workshop

Public Survey

Please take a few minutes to provide input for the project by taking this short online survey designed to capture public comment.

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For more information, contact Michael Dennis, PE, SCDOT Statewide Applications Engineer, at (803) 737-1445

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