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Estimated Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)

Yearly traffic count data may be viewed on our Estimated Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) Page.

Traffic Polling & Analysis System

System Description:
The Traffic Polling and Analysis System provides traffic data and graphs from traffic counting devices on South Carolina's Highways. This system is intended for the general public to view current and historical traffic information during hurricane evacuation events.
View the Traffic Polling and Analysis System.

Directions for use:
Upon entering the system, a map will appear with blue and pink dots marking the locations of the Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATR). Select a location by clicking one of the dots. The darker blue dots represent data polled nightly. The lighter pink dots represent data polled hourly.

A counter data page will appear which shows hourly vehicle counts. Where available, the ATRs will also provide average speeds.

From the counter data page, you can access charts displaying historical averages vs. real-time counts by clicking on the chart graphic located just above the data table.

The Traffic Polling and Analysis System is not intended to provide vacation planning information or for use by government agencies or private companies wishing to obtain yearly traffic count data.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation makes no representation or warranties, implied or expressed, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability for any particular purpose of this information and data contained on this Web Site.