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The Toll Operations Center was established in 2001. Its primary responsibilities include the management and oversight of existing and future toll systems in South Carolina. Presently included are the Cross Island Parkway (CIP) on Hilton Head Island and the Southern Connector in Greenville.

The Toll Operations Center serves as the lead contact for the SCDOT in all matters relating to toll facilities. It manages state toll facilities, coordinates with private toll roads, and develops new toll systems as directed by the SCDOT Commission. The Toll Operations Center is comprised of the following four areas:

Operations and Maintenance
This is a very diverse area with the responsibility of overseeing the Cross Island Parkway and the License Agreement for the Greenville Southern Connector. Just a few of the tasks include: coordinating with the Cross Island Parkway Manager for operations of the facility; analyzing data assembled from Electronic Toll Collection; conducting research for special projects; overseeing interoperability between the two facilities; reviewing technical documents related to all existing and future toll facilities within the state; and recommending improvements for the operations/maintenance of the Cross Island Parkway.

Violation Enforcement
The violation staff is responsible for receiving data from the Cross Island Parkway; obtaining relevant registration information from the Department of Motor Vehicles; retaining/managing and documenting all violations; and process violation notices based on state law. They also determine the course of action for contesting data according to the current Violation Enforcement policies. This area also monitors the violation enforcement software that processes violations and recommends new procedures to improve the enforcement of toll violations.

The staff is responsible for monitoring and assisting in the development of the Toll Operations Center's budget; verification of deposit transfers from tolls collected at the Cross Island Parkway; invoicing; collection of outstanding toll debts; reciprocity with Greenville Southern Connector; and accepting payments based on department policies for violations.

Customer Service
Customer Service is paramount to our mission. The Toll Operations Center operates a toll-free number in which customers can call for assistance with any questions or concerns regarding violations that they have received. The line is open from 9am to 1pm. Messages are returned within one business day. Letters are also sent to customers to update them on the status of their violations.

If you have any questions about Toll Operations in South Carolina, please contact us at 1-888-539-8853 or (803) 737-3149, or you may Email Us.

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