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Did you know in South Carolina there are over 60,000 public road miles? SCDOT maintains over 41,000 miles of those roadways. The remaining miles are maintained by local governments, private businesses or individuals. The roads maintained by SCDOT are grouped into three categories: Interstates - Primaries (US & SC Routes) - Secondaries.

SCDOT, under FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) guidance, uses a unique numbering system to keep track of the roads in the state. Most people are familiar with the Interstate and Primary Numbering system. The Secondary numbering system carries the numerical number of the county followed by a unique number for that particular road. An example is S-40-100. This defines a secondary road in Richland County (40) with a road number of 100.

The SCDOT Commission may dedicate portions of a roadway or bridge after individuals or groups; however the actual road names are assigned by either county or city governments. SCDOT has recently started an initiative to partner with local governments to collect and produce a database of road names statewide. Through this effort, we are able to provide this website to the public as an additional navigational search tool. We currently estimate our database to have road names for over 90% of state maintained roads and 58% of local roads.

To use the tool, select the county name from the dropdown list and then type the name of the road. Should your search deliver a "No records found" result, we do provide a number for our local SCDOT office to assist you with your search.

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