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State Highway Emergency Program - SHEP

SHEP Truck

SCDOT SHEP - Assisting motorists whose vehicles are experiencing mechanical problems and providing support and assistance to emergency response teams during incidents.

For SHEP assistance call *HP (*47)

Complete a short survey regarding the assistance you received from the SCDOT SHEP responder.

Important - note the above email link is not a real-time response alternative to calling *HP. (Some cellular networks may not support *HP. If you are unable to connect to *HP, please call 911 if you need emergency assistance).

Established in 1996, SHEP (State Highway Emergency Program) now serves motorists traveling in the Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Grand Strand/Myrtle Beach, Rock Hill, and Upstate (Cherokee, Spartanburg, Greenville and Anderson) areas. Prepared to handle a variety of situations, SCDOT SHEP responders make minor repairs to disabled vehicles and, assists with traffic control and traffic incident management.

Select the SCDOT SHEP patrol zone below to view detailed maps and information:

Myrtle Beach
Rock Hill
Upstate I-85