Inside South Carolina Department of Transportation

SCDOT Emergency Response Procedures

SCDOT personnel respond to numerous emergency situations each year. These responses are critical for the protection of the traveling public. Examples of these emergency situations include but are not limited to:

  • Isolated events such as signs down or providing traffic control, i.e a collision scene
  • Localized events like providing traffic control for securing a perimeter for safety purposes, i.e. hazardous chemical leak, fires (Graniteville Train Crash or Great Falls Mill Fire)
  • Regional events such as working to protect/repair roadways during and after flooding events that affect a number of counties
  • Statewide events such as hurricane evacuation or snow and ice weather events

Typically, emergency events do not all occur during a normal workday or workweek. SCDOT has established protocol for initial communication and response to any emergency event regardless of the time of occurrence. The majority of the SCDOT employees are designated as essential, meaning that they must report to work even when the Governor has issued a declaration of emergency advising State Employees that they do not need to report to work.

In each SCDOT county maintenance office, at least one employee is designated as on-call for emergencies that may arise after normal business hours. This on-call designation is rotated among a number of employees, within the county, who have supervisory responsibilities. These on-call employees are responsible for responding to after-hours emergencies. If the emergency requires additional personnel, the on-call person has the authority to call in necessary staffing to handle the event. If the event is regional or statewide in nature, SCDOT functions as part of the State response, which is coordinated through the SC Emergency Management Division. In these cases, the overall operation of the SCDOT's response is managed at the headquarter level.

If you need to report an emergency situation:

During normal work hours of 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, contact the SCDOT Customer Service Center at 1-855-GO-SCDOT (1-855-467-2368) or the telephone number for the local office in your county may be found on our Engineering Directory Page.

During after hours or holidays, contact your local law enforcement office and report the emergency. The local law enforcement will make contact with SCDOT to address the issue.