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Bridge Load Restrictions

This website containing bridge load restrictions is confined only to bridges within maintenance responsibility of the South Carolina Department of Transportation and does not include any bridges maintained by Federal, County, or Municipal entities. The information contained within is dynamic and changes from time to time. Therefore, the South Carolina Department of Transportation makes no warranty, express or implied as to the bridge load restrictions other than that contained herein.

Any bridge not restricted is open to state legal loads only. Loads above state legal loads require review and approval by Oversize/Overweight(OSOW).

If the user has any questions, he or she may contact the SCDOT Bridge Maintenance Office at (803) 737-1494.

Select the counties you will be travelling through, and click "Display Bridge Info". A new window will open to display the SCDOT Maintained Bridges that have load restrictions.

Please select at least one county check box, then click on "Display Bridge Info".