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Storm Water Management Program

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SCDOT is committed to NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Storm Water Program compliance. Even prior to issuance of the NPDES permit, SCDOT began developing programs, processes, and procedures necessary to implement the proposed Storm Water Management Program. This initial commitment has carried through the first year of the permit, which is evidenced by the range and depth of activities undertaken. Not only has SCDOT met the compliance standards set forth in the permit, but it has also exceeded the minimum requirements in several areas.


The Department's Storm Water Manager is the single point of contact that handles all issues related to storm water quality. This provides a convenient point of contact for SCDOT personnel to get assistance with storm water quality issues. Having a single office responsible for establishing the program and for providing training helps provide consistency throughout the Department.


SCDOT is a large state agency with a wide range of resources. This allows SCDOT a greater ability to review and analyze water quality programs, Best Management Practices, and design techniques and standards. Given sufficient time, SCDOT will have a comprehensive storm water quality program that addresses the quality of runoff construction and maintenance activities associated with roadways and its facilities. The Storm Water Management Program involves a cross section of SCDOT staff responsible for implementing various activities aimed at reducing pollutants in storm water discharges.


Stormwater Management Sections:

Notice of Termination (NOT) (PDF 221 Kb)
Notice of Intent (NOI) (PDF 316 Kb)
Best Management Practices
Public Awareness
Illicit Discharges
Erosion Control Specifications
Encroachment Form
Pollution Prevention Plan Checklist (PDF 63 Kb)
Water Quality Design Manual