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Roadway Design Manual

2017 Roadway Design Manual (PDF 19.9 Mb)

The Roadway Design Manual has been developed to provide uniform design practices for Department and consultant personnel preparing contract plans for Department projects. The designer should attempt to meet all criteria and practices presented in the Manual, while fulfilling the Departments operational and safety requirements. However, the Manual should not be considered a standard that must be met regardless of impacts. Designs will generally be made to values as high as are commensurate with conditions. Values approaching the minimums herein will be used only where the use of higher values will result in unacceptable effects on the economic, environmental, aesthetics, social and/or cultural resources of an area.

The Manual presents most of the information normally required in the design of a roadway project; however, it is impossible to address every situation that the designer will encounter. Therefore, designers must exercise good judgment on individual projects and, frequently, they must be innovative in their approach to roadway design. This may require, for example, additional research into highway literature.

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Archived Documents:

2003 Highway Design Manual with all revisions (PDF 10.5 Mb)
Revision 2009 (PDF 483 Kb)
Revision 2008 (PDF 852 Kb)
Revision 2007 (PDF 877 Kb)
Revision 2006 (PDF 838 Kb)
Revision 2005 (PDF 1.19 Mb)
Revision 2004 (PDF 154 Kb)
2003 Highway Design Manual Without Revisions (PDF 9.6 Mb)
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