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Road Design and Highway Design Manual

2009 Revisions are now available.

The Mission of the Roadway Design Support Office is to provide context sensitive expertise, assistance, and guidance to assure that the design of roadways and related infrastructure is soundly engineered to be safe, aesthetic, and usable by all modes of travel (pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists) by utilizing the values of professionalism, diligence, honesty, and a continually growing reservoir of individual and collective experience and knowledge.

Revisions to The SCDOT Highway Design Manual are only available through this website.
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The SCDOT Highway Design Manual can only be obtained through the Engineering Publications Customer Service Center at a cost of $200.00 per manual. Manuals purchased through the Publication Center will include all revisions to be inserted by the new owner. For additional information or to order call 803-737-4533 or Email Us. You can also send a written request, including name, address, and payment if required, to:

South Carolina Department of Transportation Engineering Publications
Attention: Travis G Huckabee, Room 122
Post Office Box 191
Columbia, South Carolina 29202-0191
Fax: (803)737-4530

The Engineering Publication Sales Center is located in Room G-19 (basement level) of the SCDOT Headquarters Building, 955 Park Street, Columbia, South Carolina.

SCDOT will accept cash, check (make payable to SCDOT), money order (make payable to SCDOT), and credit card (Visa & Mastercard only). Payment must be received before items can be shipped.

The South Carolina Highway Design Manual has been developed to provide uniform design practices for Department and consultant personnel preparing contract plans for Department projects. The designer should attempt to meet all criteria and practices presented in the Manual, while fulfilling the Departments operational and safety requirements. However, the Manual should not be considered a standard that must be met regardless of impacts. Designs will generally be made to values as high as are commensurate with conditions. Values approaching the minimums herein will be used only where the use of higher values will result in unacceptable effects on the economic, environmental, aesthetics, social and/or cultural resources of an area.

The Manual presents most of the information normally required in the design of a roadway project; however, it is impossible to address every situation that the designer will encounter. Therefore, designers must exercise good judgment on individual projects and, frequently, they must be innovative in their approach to roadway design. This may require, for example, additional research into highway literature.

A SCDOT task force under the direction of the Road Design Section developed the SCDOT Highway Design Manual with assistance from the engineering consultant firm of Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc. and their subconsultant, the LPA Group, Inc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Email Us.

Highway Design Manuals:

Revision 2009 (PDF 483 Kb)
Revision 2008 (PDF 852 Kb)
Revision 2007 (PDF 877 Kb)
Revision 2006 (PDF 838 Kb)
Revision 2005 (PDF 1.19 Mb)
Revision 2004 (PDF 154 Kb)