Doing Business with South Carolina Department of Transportation

SCDOT Vegetation Management Guidelines

The purpose of the SCDOT Vegetation Management Guidelines is to provide information necessary to maintain the Department's roadsides in a manner that will:

  • provide a safe roadway
  • protect the environment
  • maintain visibility of traffic control
  • reduce the risk of roadside fires
  • protect pavement surfaces
  • control noxious and invasive weeds
  • prevent erosion
  • limit storm water pollution
  • protect sensitive species
  • provide space for emergency use
  • maintain adequate sight distance
  • maintain integrity of roadside structures and appurtenances
  • be aesthetically pleasing or improve aesthetics

This document provides guidance for all potential roadside vegetation managers including but not limited to: internal forces, contractors/vendors, utilities, government entities, outdoor advertisers, business owners, adjacent property owners, and private citizens.

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