Doing Business with South Carolina Department of Transportation

SCDOT Vendor Instructions

SCDOT Vendor Registration

The South Carolina Department of Transportation Procurement Division is committed to providing the highest level of service possible to our community. To help us achieve this goal, we ask that you take a few moments and register your company with the State Fiscal Accountability Authority (SFAA). You can access the registration at the State Fiscal Accountability Authority (SFAA).

Thank you for your participation and cooperation. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

SCDOT Vendor Information

SCDOT always welcomes new vendors to join its list of quality suppliers for goods and services. Please go to the State Fiscal Accountability Authority (SFAA) vendor registration website and register your company. All vendors registering through this site, who have chosen the appropriate commodity codes and provided a good email address will receive email notifications for quotes, bids and RFPs issued by SCDOT Procurement. Email Receipt is based on the commodity codes each vendor has selected as being able to provide. Each vendor will be responsible for visiting the web site and downloading the solicitation. We encourage all vendors to respond to solicitations through the South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS).

Offerors will need to follow these instructions carefully when responding to the solicitation online.

  • The original solicitation response should be submitted online and it will be the official response.
  • All Offerors must attach all additional requested documents to their response in the online system. These documents can be attached under the "Notes and Attachments" tab of the online solicitation either on the main page or under the necessary line item.

DSIT Help Desk (803) 896-0001, Select Option I, then Option 2
Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. (EST)

Offeror instructions can be found at:


  • To submit bids vendors must use Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10, which is compatible with SAP. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox will not function properly and may prohibit bid submissions.
  • It will be the responsibility of each bidder to ensure that their response was submitted properly. The Response Status must indicate 'Submitted'. If the response is in a 'HELD' or 'SAVED' status, you MUST go back in the system and submit the response before it can be 'ACCEPTED' by the State.
  • Bidders are encouraged to review the ' Simulation for Bid Creation ' before trying to submit their response.
  • Electronic bid submission (SRM Login) -
  • Submitting Confidential Data -

Bids & Requests for Proposals

SCDOT requires formal sealed bidding above $50,000. In those cases, bid packages are prepared and distributed thru SCEIS to prospective bidders of the commodities or services required.

Each bid package contains complete instructions for submission of the bid. Bidders are asked to complete each bid in its entirety. All Department of Transportation Solicitations can be found at the following web site SCEIS. To view Transportation (SCDOT) solicitations click on the drop down arrow in the box below "Purchasing Agency", scroll down until you find "Transportation" and click on it. Select "Open", and click on the "Search" box. The screen will populate all of the active solicitations for the Department of Transportation.

Standard Terms and Conditions, Special Provisions, and Terms and Conditions are incorporated in each solicitation. It is up to the vendor to be familiar with the entire solicitation.

In certain cases, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are issued - generally in the area of consulting services. Procedure and evaluation criteria will be included in each RFP issued. Bids and RFPs are publicly opened at the closing time and date specified on the solicitation cover page. SCDOT Procurement Office opens solicitations in Conference Room 1 unless otherwise noted in the solicitation. Solicitations must be received on or before the scheduled closing date and time. It is up to the vendor to assure the solicitation is received prior to the closing date and time. Any solicitations that are received late will not be accepted and will be returned to the vendor unopened.

After bids are opened, the Procurement Division makes the tabulation and analysis. After consultation with and concurrence from the department involved, an award is made via a Statement of Award or Intent to Award and issuance of a valid Purchase Order.

Facilities Construction awards estimated over $100,000 require issuance through the State Fiscal Accountability Authority, State Engineers Office.

Bidders may be required to furnish Certificates of Insurance, Performance/Payment Bonds, and Workers Compensation. These requirements will be specified in the bid documents.

Pre-bid Site Visit and Conferences are held on projects when deemed necessary by SCDOT staff. Invitations to bid will specify the date, time and location of such meetings. In some cases these Site Visits and Pre-bid Conferences will be mandatory and only those in attendance will be considered eligible for an award.

Appointments with Buyers

Vendors are encouraged to call, or email in advance to make appointments with Procurement Staff. Although every effort will be made to accommodate vendors who arrive unannounced, it is preferred that appointments be made in advance. Prior appointments will help assure full consideration be given to presentations or discussions.

Payments to Vendors

Upon receipt of a correctly initiated purchase order and a correct invoice, the department receiving the product shall authorize payment. The project manager authorizes progress payments for construction projects. The average payment period by SCDOT is 30 days after receipt of a correct invoice. Vendors will be contacted if a disputed invoice is received and the invoices will be returned for correction.


SCDOT is not tax exempt and must pay State sales tax or a use tax.


It is the policy of SCDOT that employees, officers or agents are prohibited from being financially interested directly or indirectly in the purchase from or the sale to SCDOT of any land, materials or supplies. Soliciting or accepting any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, kick-back or any items of monetary value from any person who has, or is seeking to do business with, SCDOT, is prohibited. Any vendor knowing of this type of activity is encouraged to report it in confidence to the Director of Procurement or the Deputy Secretary of Finance and Administration so the matter can be dealt with.

If a vendor wishes to show appreciation to SCDOT it is suggested this be done in the form of a reduction on invoices or other cost saving measures that can be passed on to the Agency.

Solicitation Advertisement

The South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code requires all State Agencies to advertise solicitations over $10,000 in the "South Carolina Business Opportunities" publication. This publication is issued daily and lists proposed procurements of goods, services, construction, and information technology. It also contains other information of interest to the States business community. To obtain information regarding this publication visit the South Carolina Business Opportunities - General Information.

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