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Outdoor Advertising Office Completes Final Phase of E-commerce in its Permitting Program

SCDOT's Outdoor Advertising customers now have the ability to make electronic payments by credit card. Customers can now log on to the departments web site and enter their credit card information on an html form at the secured site. All credit information is saved using an encryption process using VeriSign software. The credit card information can be stored temporarily to accommodate the current transaction or stored for future transactions. All credit card payments must be authorized before the electronic billboard application is processed. The credit card information is sent to VitalChek operations. VitalChek will either authorize or reject the credit card. If the request is authorized, the customer can continue to process the electronic payment and either email, fax, or mail in the hardcopy permit documentation. Technology in the area of outdoor advertising has grown and continues to grow. SCDOT has taken the necessary steps to provide its customers with processes that are secure, saves time and money. Customers may contact the Outdoor Advertising Office for additional log in information.

Outdoor Advertising Office Received the National Alliance of Highway Beautification Agencies (NAHBA) 2013 Award of Excellence for Streamlining and Integration in Outdoor Advertising Control.

SCDOT Outdoor Advertising Permitting Web Application (Forms) Program has enhanced the permitting process for the agency's Outdoor Advertising Office. This initiative has brought together state of the art technology that enhanced the efficiency and consistency of our outdoor advertising program, thereby allowing for easy access of data, and timely retrieval of information.

The modernization of the application process also eliminated the need for outdated typewriters that were used by our customers to complete the forms. The implementation of the on-line web application process has certainly helped to modernize and improve the efficiency of the application process for our customers.

The Web Application (Forms) Program works in unison with the ODA Permitting System which manages all application data for billboard sites. The permitting system stores permitting information, transfers of permitted locations, revision of active permitted billboards, cancellation of permits, owners in violation, and the replacement of permit tags. All data captured in the permitting system is secure. The program was created with Microsoft functionalities.

The Web Application (Forms) Program has built a greater partnership with our customers and those who maintain the program within SCDOT. Once an application is entered into the program it can be immediately accessed and retrieved by staff. With an already built in feature, the Web Application enables our staff to retrieve applications for permits instantly. This feature has enabled our ODA coordinators across the state to receive, review, and make recommendations on the approval or denial of an application in as little as three (3) days if all review elements are in compliance during the review.

Implementation of the Web Application (Forms) Program has created an almost paperless permitting process for our outdoor advertising staff and our customers. This application process has improved the public’s access to our outdoor advertising program and information. Over 95 percent of all application actions being processed in the office is completed on the outdoor advertising web site. The web application process has reduced costs associated with out-of-office mailing. Once an application electronically enters the ODA office, our staff will electronically forward all application data by computer to the outdoor advertising coordinators to begin their reviews. This process has significantly reduced cost and time associated with the permitting process for the applicant as well as the staff.

This initiative continues to enhance efficiency and consistency of our Outdoor Advertising Program by providing easy access to data, timely retrieval of information, and a system that puts SCDOT on the cutting edge of billboard management.

2013 Award of Excellence Recipients

From left are: Joyce R. Gardner - Piedmont Region Outdoor Advertising Coordinator, Carolyn B. Lindsay - Midlands Region Outdoor Advertising Coordinator , and Keith C. Melvin - NAHBA Chair and Director of Outdoor Advertising, and. not pictured: Randy Ponton - Pee Dee Region Outdoor Advertising Coordinator, Dorothy R. Erwin - Low Country Region Outdoor Advertising Coordinator, and Linda L. Johnson - Program Assistant.

South Carolina Receives Approval from FHWA to implement its Outdoor Advertising Nonconforming Sign Upgrade "Pilot" Project

The Federal Highway Administration (Washington Office of Real Estate Services) has given SCDOT the approval to move forward with implementing its pilot project to upgrade certain non-conforming signs and remove others. The 3 year pilot project will allow the upgrading of certain nonconforming signs along Interstate 26 and 95 in exchange for the permanent removal of others (on a ratio of 2 - 4 removal per 1 upgrade). The pilot is in reference to 23 CFR 750.707(d)(5) which pertains to maintenance and continuance of nonconforming signs.

Inquiries regarding the pilot project can be directed to:
Keith C. Melvin, CPM
Director of Outdoor Advertising
SC Department of Transportation
PO Box 191, 955 Park Street
Columbia, SC 29202-0191
Phone: (803) 737-1339

The Pilot Project can viewed in a PDF format below in the Related Documents Section.

Many outdoor advertisements require a permit from SCDOT to be displayed. You can view the status of your permit requests via our online system.

To view your Outdoor Advertising applications and permits, click on the Applications and Permits link to access the login page.

Outdoor Advertising applications and permit login

You can access our Outdoor Advertising Applications and Permits through the Related Links Section below.
Sign owners can obtain access to the system by contacting the Outdoor Advertising Office in Columbia.
At a minimum, you will need a web browser that supports 128 bit encryption.

ODA Contact Information

In Person:
Outdoor Advertising Office
955 Park Street, Room 125
Columbia, SC 29202-0191

South Carolina Department of Transportation
Attn: Outdoor Advertising Office
P.O. Box 191
Columbia, SC 29202

(803) 737-1339
(803) 737-6383
(803) 737-2022 (Fax)

ODA Help

Please contact the Regional Outdoor Advertising Office for specific questions regarding your area:

Headquarters DOT Office (Columbia) - (803) 737-1339

Midlands Region (Columbia) - (803) 737-1130
(Cherokee, York, Chester, Lancaster, Chesterfield, Kershaw, Aiken, Lexington, Richland, Lee, Union, Fairfield, and Sumter)

Pee Dee Region (Florence) - (843) 661-4710
(Marlboro, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Marion, Horry, Williamsburg, and Georgetown)

Piedmont Region (Greenville) - (864) 241-1010
(Oconee, Pickens, Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Laurens, Abbeville, McCormick, Newberry, Greenwood, Edgefield, and Saluda)

Low Country Region (Orangeburg) - (803) 531-6850
(Barnwell, Orangeburg, Calhoun, Clarendon, Allendale, Bamberg, Hampton, Colleton, Dorchester, Berkeley, Jasper, Beaufort, and Charleston)

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The following portions of the regulation pertain to Outdoor Advertising: Title 63-341 through Title 63-356
The following portion of the regulation pertains to Junkyards: Title 63-358: Control of Junkyards
Federal Agreement (PDF 69.5 Kb)
ODA Vegetation Maintenance Policy - Section 6 (PDF 2.26 Mb)
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SCDOT Vegetation Management Guidelines (PDF 2.26 Mb)
(Revised July 3, 2012)

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