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In accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations 23CFR1.11 and 23CFR635.105 the South Carolina Department of Transportation may delegate administration and management of certain Federal-Aid projects to a Local Public Agency (LPA). However, this delegation does not relieve SCDOT of its responsibility of administering those funds. LPA Administration is responsible for verifying that all federal requirements have been met in the LPA process.


Local Public Agency Administration Procedures (06/12) (PDF 59.7 Kb)

Project Flow Chart:

Local Public Agency Administration Project Flow Chart (PDF 431 Kb)

Program Development Forms:

LPA Change Order Request Form (PDF 652 Kb)
LPA Project Checklist (05/01/10) (PDF 655 Kb)
LPA Qualification Evaluation Form (06/12) (PDF 119 Kb)
LPA Project Planning Report (08/10) (PDF 89.5 Kb)
LPA Consultant Concurrence Request Form (12/11/08) (PDF 121 Kb)
PS&E Package Approval Request Form (02/10/09) (PDF 68.3 Kb)
LPA Construction Award Concurrence Request Form (12/12/08) (PDF 104 Kb)
LPA Project Evaluation Review Form (11/19/08) (PDF 83.2 Kb)
LPA Minimum Sample Requirement (PDF 15.9 Kb)
LPA DBE Goal Calculation (PDF 59 Kb)
LPA Construction Contract Form (PDF 651 Kb)
FHWA's Bid Evaluation Guidelines (PDF 58 Kb)
LPAA Office PS&E Checklist (PDF 89.5 Kb)

Required Federal Aid Contact Provisions:

LPA Required Provisions (DOC 592 Kb) Updated 1/22/2014

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Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies

FHWA has launched a new and innovative transportation resource called Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies. This resource puts key information about Federal-aid requirements on a single public Web site at Local public agency staffers now have a centralized hub for guidance, policies, procedures, and best practices for administering Federal-aid projects. The Web site's main feature is a library of videos covering key aspects of the project development and delivery process.

Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies

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