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Technician Certification Program

The Technician Certification Policy provides the needed requirements for an individual to seek certification as an SCDOT certified inspector for work being performed on construction projects. Please refer to the Technician Certification Policy (Rev. April 2017) for other certifications required by SCDOT.

If you have additional questions about the program, please contact us.

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ART Technician Certification Experience Form 2017 (PDF 146 KB)
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The following universities provide these SCDOT certification courses:

Tri-County Technical College

Nuclear Gauge Safety Certification
Earthwork and Nuclear Gauge Technician Program
Foundations Certification
Asphalt HMA Technician Certifications
Coarse Aggregate Technician Certification
Pavement Preservation

The University of South Carolina

Portland Cement Concrete Certification
Form 700.04 Tutorial (PDF 973 Kb)

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