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About Us:
The C Program is a long-established partnership between the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) and the forty-six counties of South Carolina to fund the improvements of state roads, county roads, city streets, and other local transportation projects. SCDOT, like all state transportation departments across the country, have quickly learned the job is too big to accomplish without partnerships. The C Program is successful because local leaders and citizens alike are willing to work with SCDOT to meet the needs of the communities throughout South Carolina. The SCDOT C Program was established in accordance with Section 12-28-2740 of the S.C. Code of Laws 1976, as amended.

The C funds are derived from 2.66 cents per gallon of the state gasoline tax. These funds are distributed to each 46 counties based on a three part formula. The formula allocates one third of the C funds based on the ratio of the land area of the county to the land area of the state, one third based on the ratio of the county population to the state population, and one third based on the rural road mileage in the county to the rural road mileage in the state. By law each county is responsible for establishing a County Transportation Committee (CTC) appointed by the County's Legislative Delegation. The number of members on the committee can vary from county to county. The CTC is entrusted with the authority to select and approve projects to be funded utilizing C funds.

The law stipulates that the counties spend at least twenty-five percent of their apportionment of C funds, based on a biennial averaging of expenditures, on the state highway system for construction, improvements, and maintenance. Furthermore the counties are to spend no more than seventy-five percent of their apportionment each year on their local system. Also the balance of uncommitted funds carried forward from one year into the next cannot exceed three hundred percent of the county's total apportionment for the most recent year.


The South Carolina General Assembly recently passed Roads Bill Legislation (Act 40), which resulted in the authorization of additional funding for SCDOT to address essential improvements to our state's transportation system. This legislation also included the authorization of additional recurring funding for the CTC program. The new legislation amends the C Fund law increasing the CTC's portion .3325 cents a gallon beginning July 1, 2018, and each July first thereafter through July 1, 2021, until such time as the total amount equals three and ninety-nine one-hundredths cents a gallon. The increase in proceeds resulting from the provisions of the new legislation must be used exclusively for repairs, maintenance, and improvements to the state highway system. The 25% requirement to be spent on the state system still applies to the total annual allocation, with the new funds that are mandated to be spent on the state system counting towards that requirement. Based on future gasoline sales projections, funding to the CTC program would increase incrementally over $9 Million each year for four years for a total increase of $39 Million.

The Donor Bonus allocation that the Department of Transportation annually transfers to the CTC program has changed as a result of Act 40 as well. The new legislation stipulates the amount to be divided among those CTCs designated as a Donor County (a county that contributes to the C fund an amount in excess of what it receives under the allocation formula) is to be increased from $9.5 Million to $17 Million beginning in State Fiscal Year 17/18. After the $17 Million is divided among the donor counties in the ratio defined in the law, the Department of Transportation is to then transfer an additional $3.5 Million to be divided among those remaining eligible donor counties in an effort to increase their total allocations to what the county contributed to the C fund program through gas sales. For planning purposes, SCDOT is assuming that this increased $3.5 Million may be called upon within 3 years of passage of the Roads Bill. It will be set each year, commensurate with the data, up to a cap of $20.5 Million.


The SCDOT hosted five CTC/SCDOT Regional Meetings throughout the state in October and November of 2017. These regional meeting locations were designed to align with South Carolina Congressional Districts as closely as possible.

It is beneficial for those actively involved in the CTC Program to meet to discuss program expectations, committee experiences, and how local transportation interests may be better served. The purpose of the meetings was to review with the Committee members SCDOT's ideas and strategies for rebuilding the state's highways and how the CTCs could play a vital role in this important process.

The agenda and presentation for these meetings are as follows:
Charleston Regional Meeting Agenda - (PDF 332 Kb)
Charleston CTC Regional Meeting - (PDF 3.27 Mb)
Chester Regional Meeting Agenda - (PDF 332 Kb)
Chester CTC Regional Meeting - (PDF 3.32 Mb)
Florence Regional Meeting Agenda - (PDF 330 Kb)
Florence CTC Regional Meeting - (PDF 3.27 Mb)
Greenwood Regional Meeting Agenda - (PDF 332 Kb)
Greenwood CTC Regional Meeting - (PDF 3.28 Mb)
Orangeburg Regional Meeting Agenda - (PDF 333 Kb)
Orangeburg CTC Regional Meeting - (PDF 3.27 Mb)

C Program Annual Report 2016-2017 - (PDF6.53 Mb)

Related Documents:

The following were taken from the South Carolina Code of Laws and have been updated through the 2007 Session of the General Assembly.
C Fund Law (Section 12-28-2740) - (PDF 20.4 Kb)
Set Aside Law (Section 12-28-2930) - (PDF 17.6 Kb)
Procurement Code (Section 11-35) - (PDF 231 Kb)

Data & Forms:
Annual Report Example (PDF 15.6 Kb)
Appointments to County Transportation Committees (11/16/16) (PDF 185 Kb)
Apportionment of C Funds (2017 - 2018) (PDF 41.0 Kb)
Apportionment of C Funds (2016 - 2017) (PDF 40.8 Kb)
Apportionment of C Funds (Non-Recurring Funds) (2016 - 2017) (PDF 79.3 Kb)
Donor Bonus Worksheet (2017) (PDF 45.3 Kb)
Proposed Income (including H.4230) (2015 - 2016) (PDF 100 Kb)
Request for Programming (PDF 18.7 Kb)
Request for Payment Invoice (PDF 36.7 Kb)
Set Aside WBE Report Example (PDF 7.01 Kb)
Set Aside MBE Report Example (PDF 7.02 Kb)

Project Flowcharts:
CTC Project Development Process for Construction Projects on State System (PDF 249 Kb)
CTC Project Development Process for Resurfacing Projects on State System (PDF 482 Kb)

C Program Guide (PDF 1.71 Mb)

C Program Administration Manual (PDF 13.2 Mb)

Transportation Plans:

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