Doing Business with South Carolina Department of Transportation

South Carolina Unified Certification Program (SCUCP)

In March of 1999, the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program Regulations (49 CFR Parts 26 & 23) took effect and required that all recipients of funds from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) develop a Unified Certification Program (UCP) in each state.

The UCP is a "One-Stop Shopping" certification program that eliminates the need for firms to obtain DBE certification from multiple agencies in the State. Certified firms under the new UCP will be recognized by recipients of FAA, FHWA and FTA funds in the State of South Carolina. The South Carolina Department of Transportation is the lead agency for the UCP and will be handling all certification requests and related issues. Currently there are 27 participating UCP Partners located around the State.

Benefits of the SCUCP

  • Centralized location for processing applications and updating changes
  • Uniform Application
  • Unified DBE Directory
  • Greater exposure around the State
  • Increase business opportunities
  • Certification honored by all USDOT recipients in the State

Purpose of the SCUCP DBE Process

The purpose of SCDOT's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program is to assist potential contractors in their efforts to identify and utilize DBEs that are participating in the Department's DBE Program. Certification is granted through the Department as verification that a business is bona-fide in its claim to be a disadvantaged business enterprise. Certified firms are used to meet goals on federally assisted contracts. The SCDOT is required to provide a list of certified contractors to firms bidding on prime contracts who in turn, agree to utilize certified minority businesses on construction projects throughout the state.

In order for DOT agencies to meet these goals, disadvantaged businesses are encouraged to apply to the State for certification to participate in the DBE Program. Applications are gathered, on-site reviews performed, certification meetings held, and certification status granted if qualified. If the application is denied, the State has an appeal hearing on the issues of denial.

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