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(3.86 mb) –Updated April, 2015

Access and Roadside Management Standards

This manual has been revised and the revisions are effective as of July 1, 2008. The revisions update many design criteria to current standards and place more emphasis on the need for a proper traffic impact study to determine the appropriate access design.

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ARMS Errata Sheet(PDF 1.3 Mb) – Updated April, 2015

Encroachment Permit Appeal Process(PDF 11 Kb) – Updated April, 2015

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(449 kb) – 11/08/2016

Approved Products List for Traffic Control Devices in Work Zones

The purpose of these guidelines is to present typical examples of work zone traffic control for multilane roadways, expressways and freeways, and mobile operations. This information is intended to illustrate the principles of proper work zone traffic control, but is not standard.

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(PDF 6.75 Mb) – Updated 08/27/2010

2009 Edition of Signal Design Guidelines

SCDOT's Signal Design Guidelines has been revised and published in a new digital format.

This publication is a comprehensive document that details the Departments standard methodology of handling signal requests as well as the review, design, installation, operation and maintenance of traffic signals. In addition, these guidelines provide guidance for the appropriate fiscal responsibilities for signals in municipalities, at private developments, at schools, etcetera.