Inside South Carolina Department of Transportation

SCDOT Highway Preservation

For decades state and local governments have embraced a common practice of "worst first" when it comes to maintaining the nation's highways. Roadways were constructed and then left unattended until they began to show major signs of distress, and then reactive maintenance was performed to keep them in service. In 2008 SCDOT began a proactive approach to preserve our highway system by employing a set of planned pavement maintenance strategies. We have separated our paving program into three primary elements:

  1. Preservation
  2. Rehabilitation
  3. Reconstruction

All three of these treatments are now being used by the department in an effort to move from a "worst first" practice to a proactive approach to maintaining our existing highways. By utilizing these techniques, the department will be able to improve more miles of roadway for the same amount of money. Each year the Department reviews the number of miles that fall into each of the three categories, and then distributes the funding based on the lane miles of the need for each category. In the long run, this strategy will improve the overall condition of the road system.