McKelvey Road (S-154) Bridge Replacement Project

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Underside view of the bridge supports of the McKelvey Road bridge

Purpose and Need

The purpose of the proposed project is to address the structural deficiencies of the existing bridge.

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Street view of the McKelvey Bridge

About the Project

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) proposes to replace the McKelvey Road (S-154) bridge over Huff Creek with a new bridge in the same location. During construction, SCDOT intends for the bridge to be closed and traffic to be detoured. The existing bridge was constructed in 1958 and is currently load restricted. SCDOT will monitor the existing bridge from now until construction of the new bridge begins. This project is a part of SCDOT’s Strategic 10-Year Plan to greatly reduce the number of closed and load restricted bridges in South Carolina.

S-154 McKelvey Road over Huff Creek Bridge Replacement Detour Route.

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SCDOT intends for the bridge to be closed to traffic during construction. Once construction begins, the bridge will be closed for approximately 18 months. The proposed detour utilizes Fork Shoals Road (S-146), SC 418, Reedy Fork Road (S-50), and McKelvey Road (S-154). The total detour length will be approximately 8.6 miles.

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Anticipated Schedule


Right-of-way acquisitions are currently preliminary, and impacts are estimated at this time. Impacts will be discussed with each property owner individually. Affected property owners will also be contacted by a SCDOT representative regarding the acquisition and compensation process following the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) process and once right-of-way plans are completed, which is expected to occur in the 1st quarter of 2022.

Community impacts such as right-of-way acquisition and property owner relocations are considered as a part of the NEPA process. While minimal right-of-way acquisition is a goal, some right-of-way will need to be acquired by SCDOT to facilitate the project. All right-of-way will be acquired in conformance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, or the Uniform Act. SCDOT policies and procedures are outlined in

For additional information, please watch the videos on the right about the NEPA process and SCDOT’s Project Development process, and the video below about SCDOT’s right of way acquisition process.

Please contact SCDOT Regional Right of Way Administrator for specific right-of-way questions.

Right-of-Way Process Video


NEPA Videos

For additional information about the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) as it applies to highway projects, please watch the following videos:



NEPA Decision Making


Photo of Welcome to Fork Shoals town sign

Just east of project limits

Bridge side view

McKelvey Road bridge over Huff Creek

Photo of Fork Shoals School sign

Ralph Chandler Middle School

Photo of stream

Huff Creek downstream of bridge

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