Mark Clark Expressway - I-526

Mark Clark Expressway Project Documents

The following documents related to this project are available for downloading.

2012 Documents

Survey Report

Public Hearings (Summer 2010)

Public Hearing Handout
PH_Handout_Summer2010.pdf (1.3Mb)

Reasonable Alternatives
ReasonableAlts.pdf (30.3Mb)

Reasonable Alternatives Matrix
ReasonableAltsMatrix.pdf (70Kb)

Traffic Analysis
trafficanalysis_board.pdf (30Kb)

Alternatives A and B
AltA_BTraffic.pdf (7.9Mb)

Alternatives C and D
AltC_DTraffic.pdf (6.2Mb)

Alternatives E and F
AltE_FTraffic.pdf (6.6Mb)

Alternative G
AltGTraffic.pdf (17.4Mb)

Regional Mobility
RegionalMobility.pdf (540Kb)

Recommended Preferred Alternative
RPA_board.pdf (42Kb)

Recommended Preferred Alternative – overview
RPA_Overview.pdf (13.6Mb)

Recommended Preferred Alternative – panel 1
RPA_Panel_1.pdf (26.2Mb)

Recommended Preferred Alternative – panel 2
RPA_Panel_2.pdf (29.3Mb)

Recommended Preferred Alternative – panel 3
RPA_Panel_3.pdf (24.7Mb)

Recommended Preferred Alternative – panel 4
RPA_Panel_4.pdf (28.2Mb)

Recommended Preferred Alternative – Johns Island Connector Roads
RPA_Johns_connectors.pdf (10Mb)

Summer 2010 Newsletter

Summer 2010 Newsletter
MarkClarkNewsletter_Summer2010.pdf (808Kb)

Summer 2009 Newsletter

Summer 2009 Newsletter
newsletter_summer09.pdf (12Mb)

Pubic Information Meetings (Spring 2009)

Public Information Meeting Handout
I526_PIM2_Handout.pdf (3.9Mb)

Purpose and Need
Purpose_and_Need.pdf (46Kb)

Tier 1 Criteria
Tier_1_Criteria.pdf (57Kb)

Alternative Analyses Tier 1 Criteria
Evaluation_Criteria_spring09.pdf (62Kb)

DEIS Criteria
DEIS_Criteria.pdf (35Kb)

Reasonable Alternative 1 - Map
maps_reasonable_alternative-1.pdf (2.3Mb)

Reasonable Alternative 8 - Map
maps_reasonable_alternative-8.pdf (1.2Mb)

Reasonable Alternative 10 - Map
maps_reasonable_alternative-10.pdf (1.2Mb)

Reasonable Alternative 11 - Map
maps_reasonable_alternative-11.pdf (3.0Mb)

Reasonable Alternative 11a - Map
maps_reasonable_alternative-11a.pdf (1.2Mb)

Reasonable Alternative 36 - Map
maps_reasonable_alternative-36.pdf (1.2Mb)

Other Alternatives Considered
Other_Alternatives_Considered .pdf (2.8Mb)

Agency Involvement
Agency_Involvement.pdf (85Kb)

Public Information Meeting Notice (Spring 2009)

Public Information Meeting Notice
Spring09IMnotice.pdf (1.1Mb)

Spring 2009 Newsletter

Spring 2009 Newsletter
newsletter_spring09.pdf (12Mb)

Public Information Meetings (Fall 2008)

Meeting Maps

Public Notices and Correspondence

Notice of Intent
noi.pdf (51Kb)

Notice of Public Scoping Meeting
meeting_notice.pdf (1.9Mb)

Handout for Public Scoping Meeting
meeting_handout.pdf (1.5Mb)

Agency Coordination and Public Involvement Plan
agency_public_plan.pdf (1.0Mb)

Legislative and Municipal Information

State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Application
sib_application.pdf (2.4Mb)

Intergovernmental Agreement between SCDOT and Charleston County intergovernmental_agreement.pdf (1.0Mb)

Relevant References

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guides the process for the development of an EIS that describes the environmental impacts and alternatives of the proposed action.

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