State Employment Benefits

The State of South Carolina offers its employees an array of benefit opportunities to fit your family needs. Listed below are just some of the benefits state employees are offered. For more information regarding state employee benefits, view the State Employee Benefits website.

Insurance Benefits:

You and your eligible family members have a wide selection of insurance plans at reasonable rates offering a variety of benefits, such as medical, prescription discounts, dental coverage, vision care discounts, and term life protection. As an employee, you can also choose additional life and disability coverage and long-term care protection.


Working for the state can even help reduce the amount you pay for dependent childcare and medical expenditures each month. With the states flexible benefits program MoneyPlu$, you can deduct thousands of dollars annually from your paycheck before taxes saving hundreds of dollars each year.


Employees have a choice of retirement plans, a Defined Benefit Plan, which guarantees a benefit for life upon eligibility, or a Defined Contribution Plan, where you control and assume the risk of your retirement future.

Deferred Compensation Program:

As an employee of SCDOT, you are eligible to participate in a voluntary tax-deferred retirement program. T the SC Deferred Compensation Programs 401K and 457, which allows you to save money on a before-tax basis for the future. The South Carolina Deferred Compensation Programs 401K and 457 are voluntary tax deferred retirement programs that allow employees to supplement their South Carolina Retirement and Social Security Benefits.

Annual/Sick Leave Flexibility:

State employees have an impressive array of family friendly leave flexibilities that includes annual leave, sick leave for personal medical needs and family medical care, twelve holidays per year, a Leave Transfer Program, paid leave for military annual training, court duty and FMLA protection.