Savannah River National Scenic Byway

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The Savannah River Scenic Byway is 100 miles long. It is characterized by farms, woodlands, lakes and small towns. There are numerous historical sites along the way.

The byway connects five routes running parallel to the Savannah River, beginning on SC 24 in the Oakway Community in Oconee County, going southward into Anderson County where it turns right onto SC 187, then left on SC 412 to the Town of Starr, where the route turns right onto SC 81. From there, it continues southward through lower Anderson County, Abbeville County and McCormick County where it merges into SC 28 and continues to the Georgia state line just below Clarks Hill where the Highway 28 bridge crosses the Savannah River.

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For more information about South Carolina Scenic Byways, please contact SCDOT at (803) 737-1952.