10-Year Plan

Our Record Breaking Year!

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A Historic Level of Roadwork is Underway

We have tripled our work program to an all-time high of $3 billion!

  1. Paving
  2. Rural Road Safety
  3. Bridges
  4. Interstates

We’re Investing in Four Major Areas

In accordance with our 10-Year Plan.

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We’re Ahead of Schedule With Our
10-Year Plan!

illustration of a bridge spanning water

465 New Bridges Planned Over the Next 10-Years!

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A Dramatic Increase in Bridge Investments

Strategiclly targeting Load-Restricted and Structurally Deficient bridges on our major corridors.

illustration of an interstate

140 Miles of Our Interstates Improved

  • $5B minimum invested in widening
  • $1B already underway along I-85
illustration of a SC map with sections of roads highlighted

Improving the worst 5% of Rural Roads

  • 60% of crashes are on rural roads
Photo of road workers talking to each other about how awesome the newly paved road looks

an $11 Billion Issue

  • Up to 3% improvement of the network per year
  • Achieved up to 5% improvement

Bridge Replacement Update

SCDOT's Lauren Rountree presents an update on some of the bridge replacement projects currently underway. (Video by Rob Thompson/SCDOT)

Interstate Widening Update

Lauren Rountree gives an update on some of the interstate widening projects underway as a part of SCDOT's 10 Year Plan. (Video by Rob Thompson/SCDOT)

Resurfacing Update

Brittany Peacock reports on some of the resurfacing projects currently under way. (Video by Rob Thompson/SCDOT)