US 301
Over Four Hole Swamp Bridge

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US 301 bridge

Purpose and Need

The purpose of the project is to replace the two existing bridges, north and southbound, on US 301 in Orangeburg county over Four Hole Swamp to improve US 301 corridor mobility. The southbound bridge is 26' wide and 246' long and was constructed in 1950. The northbound bridge is 39' wide and 290' long and was constructed in 1970. The southbound bridge is currently restricted to 1 lane due to structural issues. Due to the structural deficiencies, the bridges need to be replaced to maintain operational purposes. The new bridges will be constructed on alignment utilizing a temporary bridge for maintenance of traffic during construction.

About the Project

SCDOT proposes to replace the existing load restricted southbound bridge as well as the northbound bridge and related roadway approaches along US 301 over Four Hole Swamp in Orangeburg County.

The project will also include additional traffic safety countermeasures including 4' inside and 6' outside paved shoulders and resurfacing from MM 27.8 to MP 29.2.

Map of project location

Project Location

Map of project location

US 301 over Four Hole Swamp Bridge in Orangeburg County.

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